Skull Pillar Candle-Two Tone

Skull Pillar Candle-Two Tone


We’ve taken our skull pillar candles and given them a makeover by making them two-tone. So you’re getting the beautiful, crystallized effect that the palm wax creates plus the random color patterns for a truly one of a kind candle. When lit, it tunnels straight down causing an eerie inner glow. These are UNSCENTED!

These are perfect for altars, ritual work, or just as a decorative piece to create ambiance.

*Remember to always trim your wicks before every burn to ensure the best melt results.

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*To ensure our customers get the best quality product, all our candles and wax melts are made to order and hand-poured in small batches.

PLEASE NOTE: The distributor we get our palm wax from, get their supply from a private plantation which cultivate their own palm trees. This means there's no threat to the rain forest or the ecosystems.