100% Natural Soy Wax/Veteran Owned/Cruelty Free!

Hello friends! Welcome to The Sanctuary Candle Company! Our company was formed by myself, Noah, and my wife Thelma Ankney. We are both obsessed with all things that smell amazing with candles being our passion. When the opportunity presented itself to start making our own candles little did we know, or expect, our little company started to root itself in our lives.

The Sanctuary Candle Company has a deep meaning to us. Having served in Iraq while in the Army, one is prone to bring something back with them. Making candles was a therapeutic outlet for myself. While in my studio making candles that is my sanctuary. It is my passion. We couldn't think of a more fitting name for our amazing company.

When research and testing started we had strict guidelines we wanted to adhere to. Firstly, everything had to be 100% natural. Secondly, everything used in the candle making process had to be cruelty free. The Sanctuary Candle Company is happy to say we have met both guidelines.

So why The Sanctuary Candle Company?

Well, we are just normal everyday people having a blast making candles. Everything in our candles is 100% natural. From the Soy wax which is grown here in the United States by local farmers which helps boost the economy to the natural hemp wicks that helps with the amazing scent throw.

Every order is carefully measured and is hand poured in small batches to make sure each and every candle passes our high quality standards.

The Sanctuary Candle Company is also about our customers, our friends, and our family. If you are not satisfied with our product, neither are we. We encourage feedback whether positive or negative as this will only help us grow.

Last but certainly not least, we love to give back. We plan on having a candle of the month where 100% of the proceeds goes toward a charity of that month. Whether it is breast cancer awareness, an animal shelter, or what have you. There will always be a charity we are looking to donate to!

Why Soy Wax?

The question should be, why not? Soy wax which is made from Soy bean oil, is a renewable resource. Buy using Soy wax in candles you are supporting local farmers while also boosting the economy. Furthermore, there aren't any pesky toxins or chemicals polluting your living environment, staining your walls, and building up from the emissions and soot that you would get from paraffin, oil based, wax. It is also a lot better for those suffering from allergies. With Soy wax you get more out of your candle. In fact, you will get about 30-50% more burn time with Soy candles than you would with paraffin based candles if burned correctly.

In Conclusion -

We love making candles and have a blast doing it! We hope when you are enjoying your candles that you are truly satisfied with the product. Have an amazing day my friends!